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Rob Haslam

Vice President, Government ID Solutions, HID Global, USA



Endowed with massive computing power, the smartphone is an all-purpose tool relied upon to share information, make transactions and engage the user in multiple activities. Since citizens rely upon IDs for everyday scenarios, most are ready to use smartphones to simplify this aspect of life as well. It is no surprise that mobility has intersected with citizen identification. The result of this intersection is the ability to use a smartphone to carry a citizen ID via a secure, digital credential called a mobile ID.
From driver’s licenses and national ID cards, to vehicle registrations, residence permits and much more, mobile IDs mark a new era in which citizens will be able to confidently use their smartphone as their secure and trusted ID.

For instance, imagine how mobile IDs can impact travel. Today, citizen’s use a national ID or driver’s license at the airport for domestic travel, but also carry a boarding pass separately on a phone or a piece of paper. With a mobile ID, the two converge – providing greater security, convenience and flexibility for both the citizen and the authenticating party. Rather than in wallets, IDs can now be securely stored on smartphones.

Rob Haslam, Vice President, HID Global Government ID Solutions, will discuss how new mobile ID technologies, such as HID Global’s new HID goIDTM platform for mobile ID are making these applications a reality today. An important aspect of new platforms such as, HID goID, is that they can be customized to release only relevant information so citizens can control when and how much information is shared, allowing them to protect their privacy. For example, when a citizen is purchasing age-restricted goods, they only need to provide their photo and age – none of the other personal information loaded on a physical driver’s license needs to be shared.  

Other HID goID advantages include the ability to renew or modify the driver’s licenses and other ID credentials remotely, saving citizens from traveling and waiting in a crowded office environment. This is also good news for government agencies, which can do their jobs more efficiently. Also, the ability to provision IDs directly onto smartphones for online verification. This enables interoperability among different governing jurisdictions. A single downloadable app can allow any authorizing party to verify anyone’s mobile ID as authentic, wherever it is used, thus helping to eliminate fake IDs.  
Mr Haslam will discuss how what was once just an idea to create a more connected, mobile relationship between governments and citizens has become a reality transforming the way governments and citizens interact worldwide.

New mobile ID platforms enable a new level of real-time connectivity and computing power:  

  • Facilitates the delivery of citizen-centric services, building trust and convenience;
  • Allows the quick, efficient and secure issuance, modi cation or revocation of mobile IDs;
  • Improves law enforcement interaction with citizens;  
  • Prevents counterfeiting through electronic authentication;  
  • Works across multiple platforms and operating systems;  
  • Opens the door to new revenue opportunities; and  
  • Can be easily and securely verified, both online and offline.


Rob Haslam is the Vice President, Government ID Solutions with HID Global, where he is responsible for market penetration and strategic worldwide expansion of the company's government ID programs. Mr Haslam has over 20 years of worldwide experience in the government identity field, including managing the international business development team at L-1 Identity Solutions (acquired by Safran/Morpho in 2011).  Prior to L-1, Mr Haslam held a variety of roles at British security printer and identity specialist De La Rue.

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