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SDW Programme Outline

The SDW 2017 conference programme will be available in 2017.


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For information, the SDW 2016 conference programme is below:


As issues such as migration, the rising threat of terrorism and ever more complex identity fraud have an increased global impact, the secure document industry has a vital role to play on the world stage.

The SDW 2016 conference programme will bring together the industry's top innovators and thought-leaders to deliver unparalleled insight into how to tackle these and other identity issues in the wider world context.


On the agenda:

DAY ONE – 10 May 2016

Registration opens at 8.30am


Mark Lockie, Managing Director, Science Media Partners, Editor – Security Document World, UK 

Matthew Finn, Managing Director, AUGMENTIQ, UK


It’s not every day we get to hear the views from the top of the organization – whether that’s a leading industry supplier, a government department or an end-user customer.  This session brings together Chief Executives, Directors-General and Board Executives to share their views from the top of their respective organisations. Beyond valuable information, the session offers key insight into the challenges and opportunities that are driving the organisation, affecting the market or indeed shaping the future of our industry.  The SDW 2016 Views from the Top panel offers a powerful and rare opportunity to hear, first hand, the leadership’s thinking by examining the wider strategic context and considering the longer-term view of the security, integrity and wide-scale use of government-issued identity documents.

Led by Matthew Finn, Managing Director, AUGMENTIQ, UK

Selva Selvaratnam, CTO, De La Rue, UK

Hans Wolfgang Kunz, CEO, Veridos, and member of the management board of Giesecke & Devrient, Germany

Miguel Leitmann, CEO, Vision-Box, Portugal

11.00 Coffee & Tea, sponsored by ITW Security Division
11.25 Projects in Focus: Grand Designs
 11.30 How to design a passport – design considerations for the Israeli ePassport

Yoram Oren, Israeli Population Authority Consultant
 11.50 Security – Interoperability – Recognition: The three drivers of the new form of EU laissez-passer

Francis Deschrijvere, Local Security Officer, EU laissez-passer, Directorate General Human Resources and Security, European Commission, Belgium
 12.10 Project Update: Philippine’s ePassport - What happened next?

Aris L. Gulapa, Corporate and Legal Secretary, APO Production Unit, Inc., Philippines
12.30 Questions and answers
12.40 Lunch, sponsored by ITW Security Division
13.30 KEYNOTE SPEECH  – Project in Focus: The UK Passport

Mark Thomson, Director General of Her Majesty’s Passport Office, UK,

  • Changes to the UK passport design make detection of forgeries and counterfeits even easier;
  • A new construction method makes it more difficult for fraudsters and criminals to undermine the security of the new design;
  • The application process for a UK passport and the future of passports in the UK will be technology-led and is already underway.
 14.10 ePassports: to the future and beyond Fighting the fakes – identity document fraud in focus
  Session Chairman's Introduction Session Chairman's Introduction

Trends in basic and additional security features

Michael van Gestel, Supervisor Content Management, Keesing Technologies, The Netherlands

Document fraud at the border: Challenges and operational responses

Monica Gariup, Coordinating Officer, Air Border Sector, Joint Operations Unit -  Operations Division, FRONTEX

New Irish Passport Card (including online application process)

Fiona Penollar, Head of Passport Reform, Passport Service, Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland

INTERPOL’s response to document fraud

Malik Alibegovic
, Forensic Analyst, INTERPOL, France
14.55 Next generation e-passports

Jasper Mutsaers, National Office of Identity Data, Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations (Netherlands)
Identity documents fraud: Types, trends and profiles

Laetitia Maddalena
, Documents specialist – Ms of forensic sciences, Federal Office of Police, Division Identity Documents and Special Tasks, Switzerland
15.15 Verifying ePassports with your smartphone: the good, the bad and the ugly

Maarten Wegdam,
Managing partner, InnoValor, The Netherlands

Fraud detection: Finding patterns/anomalies in data, relationships and process information, starting with Breeder Documents

Tarvinder S. Sembhi, VP Sales Identity Market, WCC Smart Search & Match, The Netherlands

15.35 Questions and Answers Questions and Answers
15.45 Afternoon Tea and Coffee, sponsored by ITW Security Division
16.10 Ever “Smarter” borders Bulletproof document design
  Session Chairman's Introduction Session Chairman's Introduction
 16.15 Ever smarter borders

Antonio Fulco, Head, Sector Service Design, eu-LISA, France
Are traditional security printing techniques and design becoming obsolete?

Martin Fürbach
, Forensic Document Examiner, Forensic Science, School of Criminal Justice, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Integrating border management and passenger processing: A shared objective!

Robert A Davidson, Global Head, Aviation Facilitation, International Air Transport Association (IATA), USA

A question of design: Identifying secure document fraud when only a copy is available

Howard Pope, Forensic Document Examiner, National Document Fraud Unit, UK
17.05 Automated biometric processing and self-service to increase convenience for smarter borders and better identity verification

Eric Gilmore, Head of Pre-Sales Consulting EMEA, Daon, Ireland

Document Fraud – How’d they do that?

Nick Titcombe, Document Analyst, National Document Centre, Canada Border Services Agency, Canada

17.30 Securing the border and preventing fraud with identity assurance

Ray Batt, Director Government Security Solutions – Europe, SITA, UK
Anti-photo substitution features are a ‘must’ in effective ID document design 

Jan van den Berg, Senior Expert, Document Security, Morpho, The Netherlands
17.55 Questions and Answers Questions and Answers
18.00 End of day one


DAY TWO – 11 May 2016

08.50 The SDW Fishbowl 
Identity challenges: pressure at the border — an operational perspective

An expert panel and high levels of audience participation ensure this extremely topical subject is covered from all angles, providing answers on where the secure ID industry can make a difference.

  • Land and sea borders are under immense and increasing pressure.
  • What operational requirements are needed to register migrants, refugees and undocumented arrivals?
  • What are the challenges of detecting and responding to identity and document fraud?
  • What level of infrastructure and capabilities are needed to respond to the challenge?

Introduction by Matthew Finn, Managing Director, AUGMENTIQ, UK

Tony Smith CBE, Deputy Director General, Borderpol; former Director General, UK Border Force, UK

Monica Gariup, Coordinating Officer, Air Border Sector, Joint Operations Unit ·-  Operations Division, FRONTEX

Uwe Seidel, Scientific Director, Bundeskriminalamt, Forensic Science Institute, KT5 – IT Forensics, Documents, Germany 

10.00 Coffee & Tea, sponsored by ITW Security Division
  National eID schemes: opportunities and challenges Security features fit for the future
 10.25 Session Chairman's Introduction   Session Chairman's Introduction
 10.30 Are you prepared for change to a digital life? - A Frontline report from Estonia

Martin Paljak, Head of Cybersecurity R&D, State Information Authority, Estonia

Ji Zheng, Marketing Manager in Infineon‘s Government ID business

Andreas Lehmann, CEO, Trüb Baltic
Optimising security features in three dimensions
Jordan C. Brough, Forensic Document Examiner, United States Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Forensic Laboratory, USA
Robin Tran
, Forensic Document Examiner, United States Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Forensic Laboratory, USA
 10.55 National identity schemes: The challenges of sovereignty

Coralie Mesnard, Head of Marketing and Innovation, Gemalto
Clear windows on ID documents: Futile feature or high security element?

Manuel Deloche, Vice President, Government ID Solutions, Arjo Systems, Hong Kong
11.15 The experience of Uruguay: building trust for a digital society

Jose Clastornik
, Executive Director of AGESIC, the National Agency for e-Government and Information Society, Uruguay
Fighting the fakes - with mobile phones, sunglasses… and sellotape!

Paul Dunn, Director of Optical Technology, OpSec Security Group
11.35 The future of eID form factors

Benjamin Drisch, Product Manager, cv cryptovision, Germany
Additive manufacturing – Threat or opportunity for secure documents?

Alan Hodgson
, Printing Consultant, Alan Hodgson Consulting, UK
11.55  Questions and Answers   Questions and Answers
12.05 Exhibition Viewing
12.30 Lunch, sponsored by ITW Security Division
Legal identity versus digital identity
Alenka Prvinsek Persoglio
, Lawyer, Vice-President and co-founder of the International Association Connecting Technologies for Citizens (Interact4c), Slovenia

Questions and Answers

  Elevating enrolment and personalisation to new heights DocEx GOVERNMENT SESSIONS
** Government Only **

14.00 Session Chairman's Introduction Session Chairman's Introduction

Lessons learned from instant issue of voter cards: Tanzania 2015

Ludovic Simonneau, Vertical Markets Manager, Evolis, France

Oostewald Immink, Divisional Operations Director, Bytes, South Africa

High-end counterfeits – The evolution of the species
Brian Somers, Forensic Document Examiner, National Document Fraud Unit, UK

What is required to build a ‘security chain’ in an eDocument Issuance program?

Erik van Dijk, Chairman of the SIA eDocuments Workgroup

Analysis of 2D barcodes in Syrian Passports – A way to tell genuine from false?
Ulrich Schneider, Senior Scientist, Bundeskriminalamt, Forensic Science Institute, KT 43 - Identity Document Systems, Germany

Enabling security at time of personalization (S.T.O.P.)

Wayne Fletcher, Global Director Government Vertical Marketing, Entrust Datacard, USA

Transplantation of a genuine OVD

Christopher Jänecke, Forensic Lab of the Federal Police (Border Police), Germany
15.05 From electronic to mobile driving licecses: Realization, personalization, issuance and maintenance
Marjo Geers, Senior Advisor, UL, The Netherlands
Extended Questions and Answers
15.25 Questions and Answers
15.30 Coffee & Tea, sponsored by ITW Security Division
  Citizen identity services enter the digital age
Lightning talks: 20/20 Identity
15.55 Session Chairman's Introduction Session Chairman's Introduction
16.00 Digital ID, anywhere, anyhow, anytime

Olivier Clémot, Vice President Digital Trust Solutions, Morpho

A set of short, sharp and to the point presentations looking at the future of identity technology.

16.00 - Killer use cases for mobile based ID as a document replacement
Frank Schmalz, Director Innovations & Business Development, Veridos, Germany

16.15 - Detecting identity fraud at the border
Oliver Jahnke
, secunet

16.30 - Living with untrusted software
David Everett, CEO, Microexpert Limited, UK

16.45 - Identity for all: realizing the identity vision within the African context 
Michiel van der Veen, CEO, GenKey, The Netherlands

17.00 - Fighting the hammer nose – The next ICAO Portrait Quality TR 
Andreas M. Wolf, Principal Scientist Biometrics, Editor ISO/IEC 19794-5, Bundesdruckerei, Germany


16.20 Secure citizen services – built on strong foundations

Julian Payne, Product Marketing Director, De La Rue, UK
16.40 Identity documents and online identity: bridging the gap with GOV.UK Verify

Julian White, Identity Assurance Advisor, Government Digital Service

The changing face of digital identity in Australia

Mike Sibly, General Manager, VANguard and Agency Engagement, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Australia 

17.20 Questions and Answers Questions and Answers
19.30 End of Day 2


DAY THREE – 12 May 2016

  Mobile ID – navigating the new identity landscape
09.00 Session Chairman's Introduction

Secure Mobile Identity is HERE

Rob Haslam, Vice President, Government ID Solutions, HID


SSEDIC.2020 on mobile eID

Christian H. Schunck, Senior Researcher, SSEDIC.2020 coordinator, Italy


Finland’s eID market: A Tricky Situation 

Olli-Pekka Rissanen, Special Adviser, Ministry of Finance, Finland


Mobile ID – your Mobile Passport in the new generation Government

Jana Krimpe, Founder of "B.Est Solutions", Head of Mobile ID Project Consortium, Azerbaijan


'I move therefore I am'

Rick Chandler, Treasurer, the European Association for e-Identity & Security

10.45 Questions and Answers
10.55 Coffee & Tea and Exhibition Viewing, sponsored by ITW Security Division
  Passports and Readers – Interoperability in question…
11.20 Session Chairman's Introduction
11.25 Best-practice guidelines for optical machine authentication

Uwe Seidel, Scientific Director, Bundeskriminalamt, Forensic Science Institute, KT 43 – Identity Document Systems, Germany
11.45 Interoperability testing of optical security document readers in FastPass

Peter Wild, Scientist, Safety & Security Department, High-Performance Image processing, AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria
12.05 Questions and Answers

SDW InterOp 2016 results

Following a night of number crunching by the SDW InterOp 2016 organisers, be the first to hear the results from this ePassport interoperability and document conformity trial focusing on the latest SAC implementations. 

Michael Schlüter
, Head of Production Management, secunet Security Networks, Germany

12.35 Questions and Answers
12.45 Exhibition Viewing
13.15 Lunch, sponsored by ITW Security Division
13.50 The weakest link: Secure document lifecycle vulnerabilities in focus

Government issued identity documents are only as secure as the weakest link in the issuance chain. Of particular importance are the breeder documents, which are used to validate identity in the first place, and underpin the security of many gold standard documents, such as ePassports. Traditionally these types of breeder documents have been diverse in nature, too easy to manipulate or copy, and have become an avenue for fraud. To bring breeder documents into the 21st century, significant efforts are now being placed on improving the status quo. This session explores the latest thinking in this area from the participants of the European ORIGINS project.

  Overview of the ORIGINS project

Stéphane Caillebotte, Program Manager, Collaborative Programs, Morpho, France
  How to establish the right identity before issuing a passport

Ronald Belser, R&D adviser, Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, Netherlands
  Breeder document requirements for passport issuance in Europe

Yolanda Varuhaki, Marketing Director for ID and Health Care, Gemalto (Origins Partner, WP2 Lead)
Suzie Bégin, Functional Project Leader for Identity & Biometrics Governmental Systems, Morpho, France
  Analysis of breeder document security gaps

Burçin Bozkurt Günay, Chief Researcher, Tubitak Bilgem Uekae, Turkey
  Breeder documents and standardisation: Towards common best practices in Europe

Caroline De Condé, Standardization Project Manager, AFNOR, France
  Ethics and privacy in breeder document security

Gemma Galdon Clavell, Director, Eticas Research & Consulting, Spain
15.50  Closing Remarks
A summing up of SDW 2016
16.00  Close of Conference

 Please note session titles and times may be subject to change.


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