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Are you prepared for change to a digital life? - A Frontline report from Estonia



Andreas Lehmann
General Manager, TRÜB BALTIC AS



  • Estonia has over 10 years’ experience in national eID card schemes, and is now planning the next steps;
  • Managing change and upgrading the current service offerings to fit future needs are the major issues;
  • Other vital demands include ensuring the high flexibility, adaptiveness and security of any solutions. 

Estonia has blazed a unique trail in the digital identity revolution, with each of its 1.3 million citizens able to access securely and conveniently services such as eHeathCare, eTax and eVoting while on the move. Now 10 years after the establishment of this digital society, Estonia is upgrading the system to meet the growing challenges presented by the evolution of modern life.
Can the current infrastructure be changed?  
Is the service extendable to new devices such as mobile and wearables?  
Will changes cause public concern over privacy protection?
Together with Trüb Baltic and Infineon, the Estonian government is prepared to face future challenges with a joint solution. Estonia has chosen a flexible and secure platform, which is able to update digital content even after issuance. It can easily be extended via a speedy ISO interface. Using advanced cryptography such as Montgomery or Edwards curves, as well as Merkle hash trees, will help Estonia secure these systems over many years. Experience shows we must provide high flexibility, adaptiveness and security in our digital life.

Andreas Lehmann leads Trüb Baltic AS, cards personalization centre located in Estonia, which is focused on governmental and banking clients. Trüb Baltic is Gemalto's personalisation site in the Baltic states.

Andreas has knowledge and experience in eID card (PKI) projects (cards, personalization, certificates, IT development), and has been involved in the Estonian eID card project from the beginning (since 2001).  

Before setting up Trüb Baltic, Andreas was a Project Manager at Trüb AG, Switzerland (now Gemalto AG). One project was to set up personalization solution for the Croatian ID card (1999-2000).  
Andreas has a Master Degree in Electrics and Electronics Engineering. He was a captain in the Swiss Swiss army for two years (ground forces, telecommunication battalion) and is a Swiss Honorary Consul in Estonia.

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