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Transplantation of a genuine OVD



Christopher Jänecke

Physical and Technical Document Examination Expert, Forensic Laboratory, Federal Policy (Border Police), Germany


  • A new method of counterfeiting - Transplantation of a genuine OVD;
  • Are OVD’s in paper-based documents well protected?
  • Is the combination of OVD and intaglio still safe?
  • What does it look like if somebody attacks an OVD patch?
  • Some suggestions to make the integration of OVD's more secure.

Many security documents have optical variable devices. In paper-based documents, especially visas and resident permit stickers, the features are located on the surface of the substrate. Sometimes the OVD's are overprinted with intaglio. But is this really enough to protect such a feature?

This presentation includes a new method of counterfeiting by, for example, the transplantation of a genuine OVD in a visa sticker. This type of attack would also be conceivable for banknotes and other documents.

What can we do to make the integration of this features more secure?

Christopher Jänecke is an expert in the physical and technical examination of documents working in the Forensic Lab of the Federal Police in Germany (Border Police). His work in one of the biggest document units has given Christopher a good overview of the current counterfeit trends and also the forgers and their fakes.
Christopher is a Frontex trainer, and is also involved in various document projects and attends document conferences every year. He also supports a number of students completing diplomas in the future of documents, particularly passports.

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