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Document Fraud – How’d they do that?



Nick Titcombe

Document Analyst, National Document Centre (NDC) of Canadian Border Services Agency, Canada


  • ALL security features are vulnerable.
  • Which ones are most effective?
  • How does a forger’s attempt to reproduce features compare with the genuine?

Everyone I talk to wants to know, what’s the best security feature out there? Which one can’t be beat? Unfortunately, they can (and have) already been beaten. Forgers only need to make their copies ‘good enough’ to pass the weakest link in the travel continuum. This presentation will look at the best fraud seen by CBSA and how it compares with genuine printing or security features.

Nick Titcombe has been working as a Document Analyst with the National Document Centre (NDC) of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) since 2010. He is recognized as a subject matter expert on the production of secure documents and current trends in fraudulent documents. He frequently consults with partner agencies to assist in the development of new secure documents and document examination training courses. He is a CBSA trainer for document examination techniques and has delivered training sessions to front line officers and partner agencies across Canada and in the US. Prior to his current position, he served many years as a Customs and Immigration Officer.

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