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SSEDIC.2020 on mobile eID




Christian H. Schunck
Senior Researcher, SSEDIC.2020 coordinator, Italy


  • Mobile devices with unique potential to drive large scale take-up of secure eIDM solutions
  • Users prefer mobile eID s whenever given the choice
  • In Europe eIDAS offers new opportunities to implement mobile eID solutions

Mobile electronic identity (eID) management solutions are on the rise worldwide and see a rapid take-up by stakeholders. Experts from the SSEDIC.2020 network have studied and reviewed the status of mobile eID deployment and use in eGovernment as well as industry with a focus on Europe. The findings demonstrate that mobile eID solutions have the potential to become a major means for digital identification, but significant efforts still must be made to drive broad adoption across European member states, to guide secure integration of mobile solutions in the industry and to arrive at dedicated standards. 

Dr Christian Schunck obtained his PhD from MIT in 2008 and is a Senior Researcher at INUIT Foundation, Tor Vergata. Christian Schunck’s research is focussed on digital identity management, the validation of distributed transactions, and process mining for real time security verification. Christian coordinates the SSEDIC.2020 initiative building on the SSEDIC (‘Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community’) network of more than 200 eID experts.



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