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The changing face of digital identity in Australia




Mike Sibly
General Manager, VANguard and Agency Engagement, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Australia



  • Regulation in Australia is created by, and administered at, all three levels of government. The challenge has been to provide consistency, simiplicity and security for end users. That’s where VANguard adds value;
  • Increasingly, we are seeing the line between individual and business identity blurring. The Trusted Digital Identity Framework, being developed by the Digital Transformation Office, is seeking to knock down barriers between identity contexts and provide common platforms.


The regulation environment for businesses in Australia is characterised by complexity. Increasingly, government agencies are offering digital services to their users in an effort to simplify interactions; improve compliance; increase agency efficiency and reduce agency costs.

VANguard is a whole-of-government programme that provides a range of authentication services to secure online transactions between businesses and the Australian government, in both business-to-government (B2G), and government-to-government (G2G) situations. VANguard’s services are re-useable, repeatable and offer best practice in security.

The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) is developing an overarching framework to guide government agencies implementing online services that require authentication, and is looking to reuse existing and common platforms wherever possible. A range of projects are being delivered under the banner of the DTO that integrate programmes across agencies and are designed to provide users with choice of credential when interacting with government.

Mike Sibly is General Manager of Digital Transformation, VANguard & Agency Engagement Branch of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. This includes the role of Digital Transformation Co-Ordinator for the department, as well as managing VANguard the Australian Government’s Authentication Trust Broker.

Mike has specific skills in digital policy, shaping strategic policy and service development, stakeholder management, governance, service improvement programs, Machinery of Government changes, and the design and delivery of large-scale ICT programs and projects.



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