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Mobile ID – Your mobile passport in the new generation government


Jana Krimpe
Founder, B.EST Solutions LLC, Head of Azerbaijan Mobile-ID Centre, Azerbaijan



  • How to establish mobile ID infrastructure based on a Private–Public partnership (PPP) model?
  • Asan Imza (Mobile ID) – A technology needed for moving from eGov to mGov.
  • How Asan Imza functions – The complete description of Mobile ID ecosystem in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Cases of use of Asan Imza – From e-services to cross-border digital signature platform. Asan Imza (Mobile ID) – A key to the Islamic digital market.

In this presentation, we describe the implementation of the Mobile ID–Asan Imza mobile eSignature project as a key component of e- and mGovernment concepts generally, and in the Republic of Azerbaijan in particular.

The technology of PKI-based mobile ID solutions is known to everybody.Asan Imza helps Azerbaijan to skip all 20th century online communication platforms and goes directly to the most personal one – mobile. The real innovation relies on the business model – how mobile-ID has been implemented in Azerbaijan based on Public–Private Partnership (PPP). Using mobile-ID in public services has helped Azerbaijan to achieve significant results to boost the fight against corruption due to its transparency. Asan Imzaconnects citizens and businesses with their government.

Asan Imza (Mobile ID) is the personal mobile identity with which a person can confirm his/her identity when accessing e-services and give their digital signature. Asan Imza (Mobile ID) enables citizens to perform all available e-activities. It is essentially a SIM-card of one’s mobile phone connected to digital authentication and a signing certificate, which constitute a document equal to a physical ID-card in the electronic environment. With Asan Imza (Mobile ID) citizens are able to prove their identity and digitally sign documents.

In this presentation we will describe the new revolutionary cross-border Start-Up project for Islamic countries.

Jana Krimpe holds BA and MA degrees in Public Administration from Tallinn University, Estonia. With over 15 years of experience in public and private sectors, she is the founder of an Azerbaijani-Estonian ICT Company, "B.EST Solutions" LLC, which has been in Azerbaijan from the very first day of e-State development, and has played a remarkable part in the implementation of the biggest e-solutions in Azerbaijan. She is the head of the Mobile-ID project consortium in Azerbaijan, as well as the chairwoman of Azerbaijani–Estonian Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan.

The biggest projects implemented in Azerbaijan include: EGSIS – e-government data exchange layer based on Estonian X-ROAD principle – a technical and organizational environment, which enables secure internet-based data exchange between the state’s information systems (; Azerbaijan’s Certification Authority under the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan (, providing certificates for authentication and digital signing to Mobile ID (Asan Imza), SIM- and Digital ID cards, and also the services necessary for utilizing the certificates and giving legally binding digital signatures to governmental structures, private sector and citizens; Azerbaijani Mobile-ID Center (; over-state online payment portal (, over-state AsanDoc Portal for digital signing and digital documents exchange, the cross-border services and signing portal for Islamic countries.

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