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Enabling security at time of personalization (S.T.O.P.)




Wayne Fletcher
Global Director Government Vertical Marketing, Entrust Datacard, USA

Effective document security requires a new integration of technology and methodology to ensure that a secure ID document is resistant to simulation, alteration, and easy to verify with confidence. Strong security features bring together three elements: specialized engineering, restricted components, know-how and expertise, with the integration of overt, covert, and forensic features. Security at Time of Personalization™ methodology leverages features based on variable data; unique to the document and the bearer that is added during personalisation and linked with substrate features bringing multiple benefits.

Incorporating digital identity technologies during enrolment and issuance to sign digitally and bind the identity to the credential significantly increases security and creates a strong chain of trust from issuer to the credential to the authentication system that requires the proof.

The combination of both physical and digital security technologies forms a powerful tool in delivering trusted identities and enabling secure transactions.

Wayne Fletcher is Global Director Government Vertical Marketing at Entrust Datacard, driving business growth through competitive solutions that enhance the security and efficiency of government identification programs.?He passionately believes in market-driven technology that facilitates the adoption of trusted convenient credentialing applications. Wayne has significant marketing and business development leadership within high technology semiconductor and software application markets, with several years’ experience in the secure identification market, smart card technologies and PKI applications. Wayne holds a bachelor of science honours degree in Physical Electronics from Northumbria University.

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