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From electronic to mobile driving licences: Realization, personalization, issuance and maintenance



Marjo Geers
Senior Advisor, UL, The Netherlands


  • Electronic driving licence functionality can be ported to NFC-enabled mobile phones;
  • Processes for personalization and issuance of mobile driving licences and consequences for the Issuing Authority;
  • Processes to maintain mobile driving licences to enable replacement, blocking, suspension and revocation.

Driving licences are used to state driving entitlements, but also play an important role as identity documents. Electronic driving licences (eDL), containing a microchip, are issued by a number of countries. Governments may now consider issuance of mobile driving licences (mDL) to meet their citizens’ wishes. The eDL functionality can be ported relatively easily to an NFC-enabled mobile phone. This presentation covers the available options to realize this. The presentation then focusses on possible processes for personalization, issuance and maintenance of mobile driving licences and the consequences for the Issuing Authority. Since mobile phones have a limited lifespan compared with the driving licence validity period, the Issuing Authority will need to be able to replace or re-issue mDLs frequently. Besides, the Issuing Authority needs to be able to block, suspend and revoke them. The presentation also looks into the consequences for laws and regulations and desired standardization. 
Marjo Geers has 15 years of experience as a consultant in IT-security. She focusses on electronic identity documents and solutions for electronic identification, authentication and signatures (IAS) and has extensive knowledge about PKI, smart cards, and secure electronic transactions. She has been involved in the realization of the Dutch electronic driving license and the electronic vehicle registration document.

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